reading again

i read a lot of book lately. it’s like addiction on something that you can only cure with just reading. i read several book from [ dan brown ] i like the way he write something. i hope i got a lot of money so i can buy another book. in my country specialy book price is very expensive that life coz for a week. a 10$ for example i only can get 2 book , but i can use it for eat 10 days. Man hopely someone hire me to design something or to do anything work . why is always about money … i just don’t get it. but the most exited is read in library in my campus. even though some time the librarian doesn’t know me very well so he always ask my card member . so Ridiculous. but anyway… i hope a i can read a lot off book this moth because i vacation for seventeen day. yeach can you imagine. i only work for threeteen day this month.


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