Weird Dream

have you ever experient dream that sound like real. like you trap inside it. and feel hurt when your body is hurt inthose dream. and see the thing that you shouldn’t see. i don’t know if is like the de vaju thing or weird called thing. i seeing my friends brother before he pass away. i wanna stop him from enter to that door. but my power doesn’t good enough. the day after my friend brother is pass away because of the accident. until now i never meet my friends any more. i just miss him so much. but i just can face it when i meet him. some of us had different ability . we life among the normal people. just we can’t said that normal being. we life in it, hopely what we saw in dream never gone happen if that is bad dream and we hope it happen when it become good dream . that way some of us will keep those secret away. just hope and pray those bad thing never gone be happen.


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