Why i hate it…

just another stories : i hate hospital, since i was kids i always went there until i was 12 year old. my mom usualy said i’m so weak. small wound or fever will made my body more weak. so i had to stay at the hospital. but then in the day i meets you . everything was changing. you give me new name. you said it’s the name of the healty persons in the world she had imunity on dieaseas. since then until now… for more over 20 year i never stay at hospital again. because when i feel sick i change to those persons name. weird ha…the called hijacking body. so you order your body to release heal more fast .. it’s more easy than hijacking your brain. cos i ever try to hijacking the brain but not working at least now.. every time i sick or wounded.. my body healing so fast. did you believe it. i working for more than 10 year but i never spend a night at hospital . i don’t like it. so don’t made me visit you at hospital again. please stay healty, sleep well, eat well. please rejecting me if you feel un well if i bothering you.


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